Johannes  Seibold Abt 1640 and Maria

Nicolaus Seibold and Anna Seithen 1705-1765

Nicolaus Seibold and Johanna Perus 1746-1784

Peter Sebold and Elizabeth Nekly 1783-1875

Francis Peter Sebold and Mary Francis Mattingly 1832-1884

Peter Felix Sebold Margaret Kelly
James D. Sebold Anna Mary Kesler
James Thomas Lois Virginia Wiley Gerald E. Sebold Rita E. Boteler Charles Joseph Rose Carlucci
Leslie Ann Thomas Gerald Michael Linda Engel Raymond
Brian Fitzgerald Karen Elizabeth Susan Spangler Daniel Spangler
Michelle Flemion Janice Ann Sebold Joseph Borkowski
Carol Ann Bowser Marty Bowser Timothy Flemion Jennifer Zylka Nancy Biel William Biel
James Bowser Martin Bowser III Chloe Flemion Lauren Flemion
Megan Bowser


  Kathleen Sebold John D. Gerding
Michael Jason Sean Patrick
Katelyn Elizabeth
Eric James Kelly  Lynn Charlene Rhodes James Patrick Judy Dowling Daniel Kirk
Taylor Erin
Michael Joseph Connie Chaney
Jean Marie Sebold James Martinez

Johannes Seibold was born about 1640 in Hatenport, Germany and eventually moved to Tries, Germany, a wine growing mountainside village on the Mosel River in Soutwestern Germany. The Catholic Church, Saint John the Baptist, baptised, married and buried his descendents. It is from this church's records that enabled the tracing of the Sebolds. Peter Sebold migrated to the United States from Amsterdam aboard the ship Commerce in 1803 at the age of 20. He settled in Berk's County, Pennsylvania and later moved to a farm in Tanneytown, just south of Emmitsburg, Maryland. Two of his grandsons, Frank and Andrew, migrated to western Maryland (Deer Park and Oakland). Frank was a wainwright and a farmer. His son Peter Felix worked for the B&O Railroad and relocated to Cumberland, Md. James Sebold, Peter Felix's son, also work for the railroad as a machinist and Anna Mary also worked for the railroad as a secretary. James later relocated to Washington, D. C. The Sebold's after being raised in D.C. moved to the Maryland and Virginia suburbs.